April 24, 2024

Seenspire featured interview with Agence France-Presse

What are the challenges for organizations that leverage public displays as a part of their communication strategy?

In order to communicate successfully, an organization needs different channels to share its message with one channel that reinforces the other. Organizations are constantly looking for the silver bullet that will enable them to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization. The relevance and quality of content will be the determining factor for any channel to attract the attention of their audience, no matter how sophisticated the technology behind the channel. Today’s fast-paced business environment dictates a continuous content creation which is a universal challenge for effective digital signage.However, continuous content creation takes time and resources. To solve this problem, organizations of all sizes, from small retail to large corporate offices, need to understand how they can maximize the impact of their digital signage channel.

How does content enhance the viewers’ experience (VX) for public displays within organizations?

As mentioned above, content is the driving force behind what makes a communication channel effective. Your audience will only acknowledge a public display when it offers the same diverse and dynamic content as they are used to from their home TV experience.The difference is that public displays are always-on yet non-intrusive, which makes them a popular communication channel.  However, the organization will need to consider around 2000 hours of airtime per year with traditional opening hours from 9 to 5.

Who are typically the stakeholders involved to make the digital signage communication channel successful?

IT will usually take up the role to set up the network of screens, and when done involve other stakeholders like, social media managers, marketing & communications managers, leadership (HR, CEO) who have a message worth sharing and amplifying it through the use of public displays. Within all layers of the organization there are different levels of engagement and also different types of content that are required to attract the attention of the viewer.

Imagine a screen in any public space where people work, wait or buy. For example, if the audience at HQ is comprised of visitors and employees, it is important that your content is different than the day-to-day operational communication you would communicate in factories and warehouses. As a marketing & communications professional, digital signage enables you to leverage content that reaches the right audience at the right time through a mix of company announcement, social media, employee generated content and editorial content from trusted sources.

How promising is the digital signage market?

Everyone is constantly trying to draw the attention of their audience to their message. However, many messages are delivered through a channel that is overloaded with content from various sources, making these channels overcrowded information highways. These channels are mobile phones and desktop computers. Furthermore, it is the audience that controls how they navigate these channels, not the messenger.

Firstly, Stakeholders involved in the use of digital signage have learned to appreciate public displays as an alternative communication channel over an overcrowded email inbox and other channels used to deliver information through Mobile Phones and Computers. Secondly, hardware and software now fit into every organization’s budget, regardless of its size and industry, from small retail to large corporate offices and educational facilities.Lastly, as the technology becomes more accessible, user-friendly and integrated, you no longer need to be technically proficient to get started with digital signage. The only requirement is having access to a variety of content that is cost-effective and designed to bring awareness to your screens and attention to your message.

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Content is driving the adoption of the medium digital signage. Why?

As with many new technologies, Corporate America was also the first to adopt and introduce digital signage to the rest of the world.However, for a long time, the lack of access to “digital signage first” content, was holding back further adoption and left operators with videos and images, repurposed PowerPoint slides and unreliable RSS feeds. This didn’t lead to the success needed for further adoption of digital signage across the whole organization.This shouldn’t come as a surprise as content is always the driver of adoption. Whether it's music, movies, or TV shows, giving users unlimited access to content has been critical to the adoption of many streaming services. This disruptive shift in the consumer market, also led to Seenspire's model of a content streaming service for digital signage, enabling end-users to solve their biggest challenge by giving access to unlimited content.The main difference between the US, the UK, Australia and mainland Europe is, of course, the different languages we had to take into account in Europe. In the course of sourcing and licensing more regional and multilingual content, we have seen that this leads to a further adoption of Seenspire in the European Market.

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