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Last year, pladis signed on as a Seenspire subscriber. Since then, this leading food & snacks company has used it to increase the impact of their internal communications across ranks and departments and improve their employee experience.

The challenge

In 2018, pladis acted on its biggest internal communications goal: to connect, inform and engage every employee, more than 5000 colleagues spread over 11 locations in the UK & Ireland, including seven manufacturing sites. An additional challenge was the fact that many of these employees, especially in production, didn’t have company email accounts, making them harder to reach.

Connecting every employee

To achieve this ambitious goal, pladis first rolled out Facebook Workplace as a company-wide tool to bolster communication. To encourage their factory colleagues to install and use the Workplace by Facebook mobile app, the communications department launched fun competitions and designated certain people as Workplace Champions.

The results became visible quickly. Adoption rates grew steadily and continue to do so, even though there were a number of limitations, like people’s choice to install the app on their personal devices.

One step further: introducing Seenspire

The next step was to introduce Seenspire and let it connect to the now widely-used Workplace. With Seenspire, pladis’ internal communications team can push posts from both regional and local Workplace groups onto their digital signage networks around the factories and offices — fully automated, and with a look and feel that’s purpose-built for signage.

This gives a strong exposure boost to their internal communication, helping to increase awareness and adoption — of both the platform and the messages on it. The successful combination of Workplace and Seenspire has also been used at various pladis internal events.

Content our colleagues post on Workplace can now be leveraged across multiple channels.  It’s become the primary news feed on our digital signage network, where everybody has the opportunity to see it. The automated and branded Seenspire feeds on the TV screens are a great way to showcase employee-generated content and alert people to the latest and most relevant news.

Steve Hargreaves
Internal Communications Manager at pladis

Automation: little effort, big impact

Thanks to Seenspire, broadcasting internal culture and company messages on their signage network doesn’t create a bigger workload for pladis' communications team. Seenspire automates the delivery of content — and each piece of content is automatically presented with purpose-built and agency-grade visuals.

With Seenspire, communication teams are more easily able to execute effective marketing and branding initiatives across digital signage networks.

Additionally, colleagues outside of the internal communications team are now able to publish their own digital content and see the results instantly on their office TV displays. This is helping pladis to create a more collaborative and open company culture.

Looking forward

In the future, pladis expects the internal adoption of Workplace to continue to grow, supported by Seenspire through further utilisation of their digital signage network. They are also working to diversify their content playlist with Seenspire’s extensive automated and curated content offering to make it even more informative and engaging.

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