February 21, 2024

Sharp/NEC introduces Infoscreen, powered by Seenspire

Waiting. We’ve all been there. Waiting for an appointment. Waiting for a meeting. Waiting for a coffee. Waiting for a train. . . Waiting is a fact of life and many organisations have embraced digital signage to reduce the perceived wait time. Content which both entertains and informs helps to ease anxiety and reduce strain on staff. The opportunity to influence brand perception and gain advertising revenue also cannot be ignored.

Digital signage is an excellent solution for settings where people wait or pass-by, and yet, it also causes a huge problem for many organisations. We all know that content is king, and when your content gets repetitive, it loses impact and worse, it could damage your brand.

Sharp/NEC has partnered with Seenspire to bring to market the very first Digital Signage Display with a built-in Seenspire content app. Nils Karsten, Business Segment Lead Retail at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe explains how, through this partnership, you need never have to worry about content again.

Unlimited fresh content

You have a captive audience and a valuable opportunity to gain their attention. But engaging content only remains engaging the first time its seen, thereafter it becomes tedious, and in time even annoying. Boring content might mean your audience turns its attention to other channels and could even create negative feelings.

It is essential to maintain a constant stream of fresh, relevant content that holds the audience’s attention over potentially long periods of time.

Here lies the challenge for many organisations, especially where marketing or agency resources are stretched or limited. When you consider average operating times are between the hours of 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week, most organisations need to find at least 2,000 hours of content per year. That’s a lot of content.

Especially in spaces where the same audience is frequently in front of your display, or where people are in front of the display for more than 20 minutes, it is a huge challenge to continuously create and frequently update the content so you can drive attention to your message, whether that's promotional content or company news.

Seamless automated delivery

Seenspire has been helping organisations address this content challenge for many years by providing their users with access to a catalogue of dynamic infotainment content. Unlike a Content Management System (CMS), the unique Seenspire Infoscreen app prioritises visually appealing, agency-grade content for the best possible viewer experience (VX) and user experience (UX).

With over 200 feeds including news, local weather, traffic, public transport, sports and entertainment channels, plus ambient content such digital art and nature, there is unlimited content that’s quickly and easily available.

In addition, Seenspire offers visually compelling Social Media feeds and Collaboration feeds that help users save valuable time by enabling their team to create content directly from within collaboration apps such as MS Teams, Slack, Yammer, and more.

The Seenspire Infoscreen is an easy to navigate interface presented in a familiar style, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime, to select a constant stream of quality content. Requiring just a single internal stakeholder to coordinate, demanding less than 30 minutes of their time to set up a fully automated playlist, the Seenspire Infoscreen draws minimal resource away from an organisation’s primary functions.

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Read more here: https://www.sharpnecdisplays.eu/p/uk/en/launch/rp/fresh-content-digital-signage.xhtml

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