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Continuously fresh and engaging content

Sourced, curated and delivered by the first streaming service for digital signage.

Maximize the impact of your  Zoom Rooms digital signage

Unlimited content

Unlimited content accessible through a single subscription.

Awareness and attention

Designed to bring awareness to your displays and attention to your message.

On autopilot

Digital signage on autopilot

Create a diverse and attractive playlist  

Create awareness for your displays and drive attention to your message.

your cms
  • Your Custom Content

  • Template Builder

  • National and Sports News

  • Trivia and Entertainment

  • Nature Clips and Digital Art

  • Local Weather and Traffic

Social Media
  • Official Social Media

  • Affiliate Social Media

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Industry News

  • User Generated Content

  • Emergency Messaging

  • Leadership Updates

  • Announcements

Continuously fresh and engaging content

Stay consistent with your brand

Personalize content feeds with a one-time setup of your logo, colors and font to stay consistent with your brand.

You are always in control

Automatically curate content with custom word and profile filters, and enable multilingual profanity filters.

Don’t worry about licensing

We handle the hassle of licensing intellectual ownership, so you can just focus on the use of the content for your digital signage.

 It simply works

Select or create your Seenspire feeds

Schedule the feed URL in your CMS playlist 

Your Seenspire feeds will update automatically

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