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Attending the Internal Communications Conference in London: What We Learnt

Attending the Internal Communications Conference in London: What We Learnt
Samuel Mekonen
July 1, 2019
On June 19 2019, we attended the Internal Communications Conference in London. With one of our earliest customers, Pladis, lined up to speak, it was a perfect opportunity for us at Seenspire to immerse ourselves in the internal communications world, and pick up some valuable insights.

We like to take every opportunity to learn about our buyer: their needs, challenges, and frustrations. This is how we design a solution capable of addressing them, and continually optimise it to help our customers meet their evolving goals.

The event started with a live survey – an early teaser of the great conversations we’d be having throughout the day – and continued with a live Q&A, which provided us with real-time insight into what keeps internal communication professionals awake at night.

Here, we’d like to talk about a few of those insights, and what we learnt from them.

Many organisations have implemented an internal social media platform or collaboration apps. Their reasons for doing so include:

  • Improved communications
  • Support for cross-team collaborations
  • Boost engagement

Right approach, but the results are far from guaranteed. Only 17% of those surveyed reported that their internal social media platform had been successful in meeting their needs.

The problem is network effect: the success of these platforms is directly tied to how many users are using it. It’s easy to have a domino effect of adoption or, as is often the case, disengagement. And even if you’ve got users, reach remains a problem: the content pushed is not visible either because it’s a distraction to access it, or simply because users do not check it often enough.

When asked which part of their workforce was hardest to reach, 25% reported it was the time-poor employees and 47% reported it was the unengaged employees.

These numbers speak for themselves. After, during the session with Pladis and Workplace by Facebook, it was clear how Seenspire helps internal communication teams extend their reach, and how it could help more.

Using screens around the workplace allows communication professionals to reach more employees – especially those that aren’t going to open your web or mobile app – more consistently. Screens offer an easy-to-digest (but attention-grabbing) source of information for the unengaged or time-poor.

After the panel discussion with Workplace by Facebook and Pladis, many came to our booth to better understand this use-case. These conversations brought us further insights. When asked whether their digital signage content was seizing attention, we heard one of two answers:

‘We don’t know’ and ‘we could do a lot better’.

Diverse Content Matters

We know that digital signage implementations cost a lot. It’s a decision always made for the right reasons: to reach and engage more employees and visitors.

To our surprise, a lot of focus had been placed on the screen, but not the content. We learned that a diversified and meaningful content playlist was under-considered and, when we explained the advantages of introducing one, it proved a eureka moment for many. Then, when we explained that this content playlist could be fully automated, the response was broad smiles and sparkling eyes (internal communication teams are typically smaller than marketing teams, so the more automation the better).

A diversified and meaningful content playlist can transform your digital signage network, from predictable and static screens to a shared engaging and attractive experience. With Seenspire, you leverage existing social media, a wide range of infotainment, and your very own teams content to drive attention to your company’s vision, mission, and values. In other words, the message that matters the most will be seen by the people that matter the most (your entire workforce).

The Final Challenge: Lack of Strategic Buy-In

Finally, this brought us to our last main insight: 33% of communication professionals reported a lack of strategic buy-in from the top as the biggest challenge faced.

Usually, this comes down to a lack of understanding (if not foresight). CEOs around the world agree that the vision and purpose of an organisation should be clear to every individual within it. This is how we drive engagement and create sustainable growth.

Seenspire gives internal communication professionals the automated content they need to grab employees’ attention using a diversified and meaningful content playlist, with each piece optimised for large screens. Communicating purpose in an attention-grabbing way, and doing so every day, is a crucial part of telling your organization’s story.

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