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Impact of digital signage within educational facilities

Impact of digital signage within educational facilities
Jelle Lippens
March 4, 2020

The potential of digital signage within educational facilities is profound, but often underutilized. There are a few reasons for this, but the most common is the cost and fear of loss of control. Digital communication has the power to both educate and misinform, and any communication manager responsible for educational facilities must ensure they’re able to control exactly which messages are pushed and promoted.

But there’s another obstacle: more than any age group, students’ attention is caught between hundreds or thousands of digital messages on a daily basis. They expect engaging content on their social media channels, but not necessarily from the TV screens at their school. Digital signage is the most effective communication medium available. If you can make your digital signage content fun and engaging, you can open up a new, impactful dialogue with students. You can join their conversations, and make them a part of yours. 

Types of content to promote

Every student is wary of the teacher that tries to be cool. Students are hyper aware of artificiality – of somebody trying to simulate their social environment. Effective educational communication is not about speaking the specific language of your audience, but about providing regular content that is of interest to them. An example is content that promotes school events to increase student engagement, including homecomings, graduation events, or fundraising. Any event can be made louder and content around it more engaging through digital signage.

How to be an effective communicator of educational content

Traditionally, the challenge for digital signage content was poor visualization. The content may be informative, but information that is not visually engaging is often ignored. Younger students are especially wary of the disconnect between the spaces they occupy on a daily basis – Twitter, Facebook, other social media channels – and their school environment.

MIT - Seenspire user since 2018

Digital signage content services, such as Seenspire, offer the capability to repair this disconnect by pairing school and educational content with familiar visuals. School event content can be positioned alongside the Twitter or Facebook logo, for example, to create more immediate recognition and enable the student to see from where the content is distributed. This also makes the student aware of the school’s social media presence and attracts them to those accounts. Significantly, this form of communication is not intrusive to the student’s social space; rather, it helps to blend the social and the educational, so that the latter may be better trusted and engaged with.

News, Infotainment, and trust

Digital signage enables awareness building, exposing your audience to global and local news as well as facts of interest, to passively develop their general knowledge. It can also be used to promote inspirational quotes by influential figures, inspiring their minds as they walk about your halls. Infotainment content is content is both informative and entertaining. With a capable digital signage content streaming service, it’s automatically curated and delivered, helping students to learn within a digitally vibrant space that exposes them to knowledge using TV screens that are always on but do not cause distraction. 

Content for digital signage is one of the biggest challenges. Communication managers of educational facilities are responsible for ensuring the content students exposed to is derived from trusted sources. Seenspire’s Infotainment content is sourced from reputable media and news outlets, such as Reuters, AFP, and Sky News. Seenspire makes it possible to create a diverse and attractive content playlist, incl. tech, sports & science news content to deliver a ‘global view’ of news content 24/7 that is accurate and reliable, providing only the necessary information to stay informed.

Seenspire is already used by some of the world’s top educational institutions including Yale, MiT, and Colombia. To create more impact, increase engagement, and promote awareness on your campus contact us today, and we’ll talk you through Seenspire: the all-in-one content streaming service for digital signage that helps leaders in education to leverage their digital signage as an impactful communication channel, with maximum control and at minimal cost.

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