Social media content

Socialize your signage

Social signage engages by bringing together the personal and professional for greater engagement and productivity.

Humanize your brand

Your communications are the face of your company. Make it a friendly one with social content.

Celebrate employee engagement

Employees get more involved when they can express themselves through the highly visible medium of digital signage.

Experience #worldevents in your office

Bring global happenings into your workspace to cultivate an inspired and knowledgeable workforce.

    Leverage brand-owned content

    Repurpose your brand-owned content to maximise its value and reinforce its message

    Display industry-related content

    Push industry-related content to keep your workforce informed on the latest developments

    Wall of fame

    Celebrate your customers, partners, brands, and employees with a social wall-of-fame

    Turn unused screens into brand amplifiers

    Maximize the value of any screen by turning it into a brand amplifier, channeling diverse and on-brand content

    Get social on #InternalEvents

    Make your viewers part of your conversation during internal events with a Social Wall

    Bring global events into the office

    Use world news to start conversations and inform your employees about the current world and local events.

    Watch your competitors

    Keep up-to-date with competitor activity by passively following their social media accounts

Explore more content to further diversify your playlist

Explore more content to
further diversify
your playlist

It works with your current set-up

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