Enable employee-generated content for digital signage 


Visualize your collaborative workspace

Increase adoption of your team’s collaboration platforms. Use your organization's most authentic source of content – your team’s voice – to increase visibility and get employees involved.

Reduce time-to-information

Deliver any message at the peak of its relevance by instantly transforming it for digital signage. Give reach and impact to your internal communications.

Applaud employee achievements

Spotlight individual accomplishments.
Celebrate and motivate your workforce.

    Highlighting team interactions

    Highlight team moments and company events to encourage team bonding

    Exhibit important announcements

    Exhibit important company announcements faster with impactful visuals

    Prevent siloing

    Give your employees visibility into different departments

Explore more content to further diversify your playlist

Explore more content to
further diversify
your playlist

It works with your current set-up

Seenspire is CMS agnostic. All our content feeds are made available in a simple URL link you copy-paste into your CMS, such as:

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